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Do you have a document that needs to be translated skilfully and with the necessary specialist expertise or do you need a certified translation? Are you preparing for an important meeting with international customers or business partners and you can’t speak their languages, or only a smattering?

A clear case for a competent interpreter.

Or are you planning an international conference where you’ll need an experienced team of interpreters?

Translators and interpreters for nearly all the world’s languages:

We translate and certify your texts, documents, official certificates and contracts – for example into English, French, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and many other languages.

Please note: A translation can only be certified if you present the original documents (not copies).

And we provide expert translations of all other kinds of texts, such as

  • purchase agreements, articles of association
  • PR and advertising copy
  • invoices, customer documents
  • general correspondence
  • insurance claims
  • technical documentation
  • operating instructions, manuals
  • presentations and talks
  • documents relating to the purchase and/or management of real properties
  • abroad
  • inheritance matters/wills
  • notarial instruments


Interpreting into and from many languages, including Arabic-German and German-Arabic


A good interpreter can contribute considerably to the success of your business relations and business affairs, e.g.

  • negotiations
  • meetings
  • conferences
  • business trips
  • plant inspections
  • training courses
  • trade fairs and exhibitions
  • congresses
  • dealings with public authorities
  • patient care: hospital visits and doctors‘ appointments
  • We help with asylum applications


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